:: Candy Heels ::

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This summers heels are sparkling with color and life.
They will brighten up any boring old outfit,
not to mention how good they'll make you feel.
So shop away with these awsome and not to mention
chep sassy colorbright heels.

1. Peep toe Heel $12.99
Pink yummy heels by gojane.com

2. Peep toe platform feel $13.99
Sassy heels by gojane.com

3. Square peep toe heel $16.99
These awsome heels shine brighter than the sun.

4. Pearlized convertible mary jane $16.99
Lovely shade of green to match the summer leaves.

5. Slingback wedge $19.99
Gorgeous wedges in the trendy shade of orange.

6. Canvas knot platform $20.99
Lushious heels in the shade of pink.

7. Peep toe slingform platform $21.99
Yummy like candy.

8. Glitter buckle heel
Glam with a lil bit of bling bling

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