:: I feel like dancin'! ::

Got to listening to some music, I hardly ever do anymore except for when my boo is gone, than it's ultra loud mix of death metal, 80's pop and the latest hits!
Better start teaching the baby what kinda music that's good, so he doesn't end up liking the kinda music his daddy likes. Panic at the disco, must I say more? ;)

Going to wish a friend happy birthday in a few min, that should be fun.
Got really angry with my boss today though, turns out they didn't send in some papers and make one phone call like they were suppose to do, so I end up getting no money for ages!!! GRR.
Plus they gave me the wrong paycheck last month. What was wrong with it was that it was missing like a weeks pay. Dude, not everyone is richie rich like they are.
Power to the working class!


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  1. Hey thats not fair ;)

    *blink blink*

    Älskar dig söt!


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