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Showing posts from July, 2008

:: Balcony Livin' ::

Well to be frank, I'm not really spending a lot of time
on the balcony this summer. But I do blame the rainy
weather we've been having.
Although my flowers are coming along great!
This is a photo I took last week.

:: We took a trip.. :: the place where my grandma was born and raised.The weather was just freezing so we ended up spending most of the day indoors. But we did manage to take at leastsome pics.

:: A Rainy Day ::

We seem to be having a lot of those these summer.
This is a photo I shot trough my window.

:: Picknic in the park ::

..with my gal pals and my little boy today.
Loads of fun. Me and my friends decided that we are
gonna start a scrap circle this fall.
Yay! Can't wait :)
Now off to bed and hopefully I'll get atleast 2 hours of
sleep before it's feeding frenzy again.

:: Woot! ::

Got a hold of some crazy cheap scrapbooking albums today.
I'm finding I'm having just as a good time finding stuff to scrap with
as I do actually scrapping with em..
Weird ;)

:: Baby Boom ::

Aparently Angelina and Brad had their twins.
Gosh imagain that, six kids!
It's hard to think that these 2 have only
been a couple since the Mr and Mrs Smith days.
Talk about express relationship.
Anyways congrats to the happy parents!

:: Being a mom ::

I havn't really had time to update this blog lately.
I'm busy being a mom and everything that comes with it.
I'm so excited to have this new little person in my life.
My wonderful, gorgeous little baby boy. <3