:: 15% off at lifetime moments! ::

So what's a girl to do?
Obviously I just had to place an order!
I mean 15% off, come on :)
Too bad my boyfriend is reading my blog
though, oh and that he accidentally just
sneaked a peek over my shoulder and read
that. Oh well now he's free to spend like 30
bucks however he pleases ;)

I got really inspired by that
cupcake mini book class they were
holding over at the LM message board
so I decided to buy my own chipboard
mini album and try it.

That also got me in the baking mood,
especially since I found this really
cool blog called Dear Martha yesterday
with all sorts of wonderful cupcake recipes.
I didn't bake anything since I was pregnant
though with the exception of an apple
pie so I don't know if I'll just focus on
the cupcake album instead :)

I also got me some Christmas stickers,
some great 4 yard ribbons by american crafts,
I'm a big fan of their high quality products,
and they were all really cheap, $1/4 yards.
Minus the 15% of course ;)

Can't wait for the postman to bring
me my scrapping goodies :)

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