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Tonight I finally got around to baking
the cupcakes I've been planning on making
for a while now. I decided to make some
after eight cupcakes (my own recipe)
I hate my oven though, the heat is way
off even though it's brand new.

So it took forever for the cupcakes
to bake. Really annoying!
I made the chocolate cupcakes
and the frosting is cream cheese,
powdered sugar, and white chocolate.
And to top it off, peppermint oil.

I'll keep you posted on how they turn out :)


  1. Åh vad goda de ser ut! blev dem bra? kanske blir bjuden på fika nån dag då.. ;)

  2. Dom är delish!! :D
    Ja absolut, cupcake race!
    Sugen på att baka tillsammans nån kväll? :) Har ju fortfarande inte fått smaka din choklad banan kaka som ni skryter så om :)

  3. Väntar ivrigt på bilderna av de färdiga bullarna ! =)


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