:: Pagemaps ::

I often feel the lack of ideas when
I sit down to do paper scrapping.
It's easier for me to feel inspiration when I scrap digitally.
Probably because it's that
much faster and easier.
And if you mess
up there is always
the undo option
to rely on.

I came up with the idea
to try and do some
pagemaps in
photoshop, print em out and then
my paper scrapping. So while I was at it I
thought I might as well share em with ya'll.

Click on the images for a larger view.
Then simply click save as.

The pagemaps are in the size 8x8 but
can always use them 12x12 scrapping as well
since I almost always scrap with
smaller photos.

I hope you'll find em useful, more to come!


  1. Du gör det inte lätt för mig att komma undan när du gör färdiga bakgrunder å allt :P

  2. Haha, she's alive!
    Äntligen lämnar du en kommentar!
    Min enda läsare gör sig hörd, ja förutom T då ;D
    Nej nu får du allt ta dig i kragen gumman!


I love comments even more than hugs ♥

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