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Today has been crazy busy,
but I had a few seconds over at least and
I ran across these fun and inspiring links
for you to enjoy!

1. Here you can make your own stick figure
family :) Here's mine.. Cute huh!

2. I found this really cool blog Kara's Cupcakes.
This chick makes the cutest cupcakes!
I'm in love with those popcorn and apple
cupcakes, they look like soemthing I could
actually make, even though they wouldn't
turn out half as nice as Kara's ;)

3. The other day the swedish papper scrapper
Lambisoft left me a comment telling me how
she got inspired by my Cut up template and
used it as a page map to create a
super cool paper layout.

For more of her projects click here

♥ XOXO ♥

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  1. thanks so much for the shout out :)! love your site, i'll be back!


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