:: Time for some Q&A ::

I thought I would answer some of the questions you
guys have been asking me lately, here it goes:

Question: How do I unpack .rar files?
Rar is like a winzip file, only better, atleast
I think so :) You use winrar to unpack them,
winrar is a great program becuase if will also
unpack winzip files!

To download winrar go to
:: The winrar website ::
and pick the language you want.

Install on your computer and your good to go!
Question: How do you make the white borders
around the photos in your layout?
This is really easy using photoshop, and I put
together a tutorial about it some time ago,
only it's in swedish, but you can always translate
this blog by choosing the language you want
in the drop down meny in the top left corner of
this blog, the translation may be a little funny
sometimes, but hey, more fun huh! :)

A quick recap of my tutorial.
Add your photo to the template,
double click on the photo layer,
in the meny that pops up choose stroke,
and then inner stroke.
Change the color from red to white and
then the size of the border to make it as
thick as you want it.

:: Read my swedish tutorial here ::

Question: How can I show you my layouts?
I would love to see what you've done with my
templates and various scrapbook goodies,
and a lot of you have been asking how to do this.

You can upload your layouts to a free image hosting
site, such as imageshack and tinypic.
They will give you an adress to the layout.
Copy this adress and send it to me in a comment.
Also leave a little note if it's okay for me to link
to your layout from this blog and share it with
my other readers! :)

♥ XOXO ♥

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