:: I'm so Excited! ::

And I just can't hide it!
That's why I'm sharing these news now :)
I'm working on a new blog, a sister blog
to this one. I miss writing in Swedish,
but at the same time I'm loving all the
foreign visitors I get to this blog.

The new blog is going to focus more on
my paper scrap, my everyday life,
yummy recipes and hopefully some
clever ideas. It will be in swedish but
I will add a translate gadget to make
it easy for the foreign readers.

I can't wait to get everything set up :)
This blog will continue as usual,
the new blog is simply a fun addition
where I can share ALL my ideas ♥

Talk to you soon!

♥ XOXO ♥


  1. Åh, vad kul!! Jag har saknat "dig" lite i den här bloggen, så jag ser verkligen fram emot den andra bloggen!!

  2. Thanks ,, and great for your sister blog... my native langauge is spanish ... but i will look both.. i enjoy all you share and i thank you for all!!

    a hug from Colombia


  3. Åh va kuligt!! Har också saknat "dig" ;) =)
    Kram på dig ♥


I love comments even more than hugs ♥

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