:: Reasons to love hybrid.. ::

I am a hybrid scrapper
as most of
you already know, and I just love how
easy it is to make new embellishments
when you run out.

You simply drag and
drop the digital goodies you want on to
an empty printer sized document,
crop, change colors, resize etc etc
and print! Could not be easier
and you save tons on money
when you only need to buy
the embellishments once.

The best thing for me is that I get
to use my favorite things over and over
and over again ♥♥♥

Remember that even if you see
yourself simply as a paper artist
you can always have a sneek peak at
the huge amount of free and pay for
goodies that are available online,
you might be surprised!

A great way to get started is to check
out the best digi free finds site there is
Scrapping with IKEA Goddess,
she has a way of tracking down the best
free kits available on the web!


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  1. Din blogg är alldeles underbar att kika runt i! Jag tänkte faktiskt på dig idag när jag bakade prinsessmuffinsen, de påminde mig om dig. På muffinsen har jag en smörmarängkräm med hallonsmak, vill du ha receptet kan jag lägga upp det i bloggen. Ha det finemangsigt!


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