:: Super Stina ::

The other day when I went to check my
mail I found a mystery envelope.
Inside were 2 small wrapped gifts,
and inside those were these cuties! ^^

Super talented Stina had sent me these gifts,
just because. How sweet is that?
I told you a while ago about these cute stuffies
she made using my casette tape printables.
I told her how much I loved them so she
sent them to me ♥

I love them even more irl!
Stina is a member of the Kitschy Digital team
(best creative team on the whole wide web)
and the adorable icecream is one of the kitschy
digital diecuts printed and laminated ♥

Stina also has a blog, Sagolikt Pysslar,
where she shares the most creative things
Go check it out!

Here are some more of her FANTASTIC projects.

Now go leave Stina some love :)
Remember a comment can make someone's
day and only takes a second to write!

♥ Talk to you soon! ♥


  1. Men oj!! Ett helt inlägg om lilla mig!! Jag bockar och bugar. Du är för snäll!! :-) KRAM!!!

  2. Och så jättekul att se att se den stora kassetten på din nyckelknippa!! :-)


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