:: Welcome to my new blog! ::

If you read my previous post you know I'm
starting another blog that will focus more
on my paper scrapping and personal life,
as oppose to this one that will still be active,
and packed with digital goodies :)

The new blog is in swedish but my
foreign readers can simply click on
the translate button in the top left
corner to translate to the language
of your choice.

Be sure to leave a comment so I
know you found your way there ♥

♥Talk to you soon!♥

Visit the new blog at:
Miss CutiePie Inspiration

1 comment:

  1. I love the translate option, it give such funny phrases. Plus it makes me realize that should we in fact move to Europe that I should not worry greatly about the language because people will still know what you are saying even if you hack it to bits.
    Anyway, you always provide great photos of what you're doing!


I love comments even more than hugs ♥

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