Help me welcome CT CutiePie Petra

The CT call is now officially over.

I've received applications from tons of super
super talanted girls, and it's been so hard to
pick just a single few. If I could I would just
hire all of you but due to lack of time (as always)
I only have time to take on a few girls right now.

A huge thank you to all you girls who sent in
an application, I really appropriate it ♥

Now on a happier note I would love to introduce
my first CT Cutiepie, Petra aka Viswpen!
She has been a follower of my blog for a long time
and she's used several of my template freebies
and other scrapbook goodies in the past.
She also makes CUTE hybrid projects!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Take a look at the latest projects she made
using my kit Harajuku

First an ADORABLE layout with her cutiepie Noel ♥

And a super cute hybrid card she made using my
card hybrid template freebie! She was also kind
enough to write a little tutorial on how to make
your own hybrid card, cool huh!

Let's give a BIG warm welcome to Petra, and be sure
to check out her blog for more fun and cute projects!


  1. Åhhh så fint :-) Ska bli riktigt spännande att se vad Petra hittar på härnäst :-)Håller helt med layouten; Det kunde lika gärna varit en blöjreklam. Supersöt liten kille :-)

  2. Tack för den varma presentationen! Ser fram emot vårt framtida samarbete. /Petra


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