I challenge you to get a free template pack!

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I'm a girl who likes even number,
but even more so I LOVE my followers.
I think it's just brilliant that you
can follow this blog, so you don't miss
out on any of the updates.

Therefor I want to reward you and at the
same time make this into a fun challenge!
I've put together a template mega pack
of 5 templates! That's right this is the
biggest giveaway I've ever done!

If and hopefully when I reach 100 followers
I will share my template pack with
all my visitors for FREE!
They are super fun to work with and will
look great as scrapbook layouts and in
photo books.

To follow my blog simply click the follow
button that you'll find in the top left corner
Please tell your friends and family :)
We can do it! ♥

In the template pack you will find all
these free templates

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  1. I was already following you in Google reader, but I added myself to your list as well.

  2. Helt otroligt vad du når ut! Det är verkligen många som följer din underbara blogg :-)

  3. Templates look cute, but I can't find a download button. Thanks for sharing.


I love comments even more than hugs ♥

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