:: There is still time.. ::

..to apply for my creative team!
I've received applications from some very very
talented ladies, I'm thrilled you all have faith in me
as a designer!

If you're looking for a fun challange, don't hesitate
to send in an application! As I said in my earlier post
I'm looking for someone who loves to play with paper,
digitally or print them out and make fun hybrid projects.

If you haven't come across the term hybrid before here's
a short explanation. Hybrid is a mix between paper scrap
and digital scrap. If you print out digital embellishments
or papers and use for layouts or other fun projects that's

Hybrid is also when you alter your photos before you print
them out. Let's say you use digital embellishments etc
to make a frame around your photo and print it out, Hybrid!
So don't let fancy words scare you off!

So don't hesitate, send in your application today!
Hope to hear from you soon :)

Ps. Ladies, I'm sorry that I haevn't had time to go trough
all the applications just yet. I have read them all and I
will spend the next few days going trough your online
blogs and gallerys. So exciting ^^

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