My Life and Scrap are going on vacation

Shortly after I had announced my BIG sale
the MLAS site went down, because of all the
costumers rushing in to buy my kits.. lol just
kidding, but one can hope right ;)

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Because of this My Life and Scrap are moving
to another server that can handle the increasing
traffic to the shop and that will take about 48 hours.
Due to all this I will extend my sale to give
you all the chance to pick up my kits for
a true bargain! So keep checking back for
more updates on how the big move is coming
along and I'll be sure to let you know when the
shop is up and running again!
Thanks for your patience! ♥

Ps. today I've been working on your
freebie, and I will soon release it plus
I will announce a fun giveaway contest
to go along with it :) Talk to you soon!


  1. Awww I'm sorry about your sale : ( Thanks for keeping the people posted : )

  2. Trist att MLAS inte klarade trafiken när alla skulle shopa dina kit. Jag blev så förvånad i morse när jag skulle gå in på MLAS blog, men nu vet jag varför . Miss CutiePie har sänkt servern :-)
    Ha en bra dag!


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