More free printables on their way!

Hi all!

Are you getting ready for the holidays?
Have you started decorating your home yet?
It's still a bit too early for me, instead I've been
keeping myself busy listening to Christmas
tunes while designing some more printable
Christmas tickets!

I will be sharing these with you all tomorrow,
Friday, for free of course, so feel free to
stop by then, I'll be here waiting :)

Edit. Sorry I didn't get these up last night I had
to go to work and didn't get home until late.
But soon real soon I will post these :)
Sorry to keep you waiting!

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  1. Du är SÅ duktig på detta!! STOR kram till dej!!

  2. hi i adore your digi tickets please please please will you make some more how about 70's song titles or some sentiment tickets i plan on adding your digi tickets to some mini albums i am making. thanks so much for all your freebies you are a godsend to a crafter on a budget :)

  3. Hi Miss CutiePie,
    I just wanted to let you know that I featured your cute Santa tags on my blog today for "Brag Monday"!

  4. Hi, found your gorgeous blog thru The Graphics Fairy. I've downloaded your christmas tags. You're so clever. Thanks heaps for sharing and if I can make something good enough to share I will link your blog for full credit. Thanks again.
    Kylie xo

  5. still anxiously awaiting your second set of holiday tags!!! are they coming soon? thanks!


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