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Showing posts from September, 2010

She's alive!

Bud sadly my days are filled with work and more
work, but hopefully I will get some time off real soon
to work on my freebies.

What I woud love to know though is what do you guys
want to read about? Do you want to see more of my
scrapbook projects, tutorials, freebies, more real life
posts, photos etc?

please let me know because I would LOVE to know!
♥ XoXo ♥

Moving on..

To another home!
That's right, we bought a lovely lovely house,
and we couldn't be more excited!
There are still a few weeks til the big move
but I'm already packing and cleaning out this
apartment to make the move easier.

The best news is that I get my very own,
very first, scraproom! Woot!