Baby countdown... 38 days to go!

We're getting closer and closer everyday!
Imagine there is just over a month until my due date!
So exciting! I bought almost everything I need for the baby
already, I've unpacked all of my sons "old" baby clothes,
and man are they tiny! It's hard remember him ever being
that tiny!

So I'm expecting a new years eve baby but I'm kinda
hoping my little one will hold on for a day or two,
so he/she won't have to be the last one of all its
friends to celebrate a birthday, take a drivers license,
etc etc..

This was me this summer, my bump is 
way bigger now lol ♥

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  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful freebies and good luck with the baby!

  2. I was born January the second and hated it :) It sucks to be oldest.

  3. Men Linda!!! Är det duuuu???! Grannen Mallaching här ;)

  4. Good luck with the baby! Isn't it amazing how on t.v. women are rarely shown full term. I was shocked at how big I got. You look like a real Miss CutiePie!


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