My DIY Kitchen

Lately I've been inspired to try and spice up my kitchen
with simple measures, with paint, glue and some creative ideas.

 I used some lovely paper doilies that I laminated cut out and then
glued them to my kitchen window with a gluegun.


 A magnetic memo board that I picked up at the Dollarstore. 
I knew that it had potential to become something fun for my kitchen..

 I used some lovely turquoise paint to cover the red and yellow.

And covered the metal with chalkboard paint.

The result: A magnetic memo board, that can be used for fun
quotes, as a menu or to write my fave recipe

Before: A boring old shelf that I had no use for..

Some white paint later.. 

A perfect place for my new flower pot that I spiced up with some
polkadot napkins and mod podge.



  1. Wat een creativiteit en nog prachtig ook
    Fijn weekend

  2. Det blev superfint alltihop :) Pyssla och göra om gamla saker är så himla kul! Jag gjorde ett eget vindspel idag t.ex ;)

  3. Fabulous!! Great job!!

    Love from The Netherlands,


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