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:: Look Of The Day ::

:: Girly and Romantic :: Todays look was found over at This look is great for spring and summer. Think romantic dates and special occasions.

:: getting the place ready ::

We keep working on getting the apartment ready both for us and for the baby. We took a trip to IKEA and bought some stuff. Although we're not even close to ready. Here are some things I like though, we're thinking about putting up a brickwall on our kitchen wall, and some new wallpaper in the rest of the apartment. Here are some things I found online that I really like.

:: Lipstick Jungle ::

If you got some time to spare, make sure to check out this new show about 3 succesful New York woman. :: Check out the official website ::

:: Music to get freaky to ::

Some songs are just so perfectly sexy that you just wanna dim the lights, bring out the champagne and throw that special someone on your heartshaped bed.. Now, if you don't have any Champagne in your fridge, and your bed is as plain and boring as mine without any romantic shapes what so ever, atleast you will get in the right mood with these songs. Because who can not feel like romancing when they hear songs like: :: Point Break - Freaky Time :: :: Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing :: What's your fave sexy songs? Be sure to let me know so I can add it to the supersexy list ;) XOXO

:: Look Of The Day ::

:: Sassy and Classy :: Todays look was found at I adore the whole look, it's party, yet you can wear it as everyday wear. really chic and classy, yet young and fresh.

Sound of today

::Backstreet Boys - Drowning:: ::Westlife - My Love:: ::Usher - In This Club::

Welcome y'all!

I felt I really wanted to start something fresh, and the 80's me felt like something I would really enjoy. It's gonna be an addition to the mcp blog. So enjoy!