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:: Summer livin' on our balcony ::

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Summer is here and we're having the most awsome day. ^^

:: Cutest little outfits ::

Check out these cute lil' outfits that I bought for Mini Me. ^^ PS. I love having a digicam again!

:: Getting ready for the baby ::

Finally got the crib ready today. Now all it needs is a baby :)

:: Freakin' Awsome! ::

Some inspiration for you, you know who you are ;) It should be Legen.. Wait for it... dary! :: U can't touch this :: :: Ice Ice Baby :: :: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :: :: Samantha Fox - Touch Me :: :: Bananarama - Venus :: :: Geri Halliwell - It's raining men :: :: Wham - Wake me up before you go go :: :: Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy :: :: Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Conga :: :: Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer :: :: Whigfield - Saturday Night :: :: Aqua - Barbie Girl :: :: I Like To Move It, Move It :: :: Kikki Danielsson - Bra Vibrationer :: :: Gina G - Ooh Ahh... Just A Little Bit :: :: Los Del Rio - Macarena :: :: Herreys - Diggiloo Diggiley :: :: Sir Mixalot - Baby got Back :: :: Britney Spears - Baby one more time :: :: Spice Girls - Wannabe :: :: Akon featuring Eminem - Smack That :: :: Girls Aloud - I think we're alone now :: :: Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back :: :: Olinda - Playboy Bunny :: :: The Pussycat Dolls - Don'

:: I like talent ::

I love the comments by Ant and Dec and the look on Simons face is priceless :) Aww, I feel so sorry for this guy, he's good at what he does though so I'm sure things will turn out just great for him!

:: Camera Love ::

Finally got me a new digi camera, and it's simply amazing. Walked around the apartment last night snapping pics of pretty much anything and everything. Love it!

:: I feel like dancin'! ::

Got to listening to some music, I hardly ever do anymore except for when my boo is gone, than it's ultra loud mix of death metal, 80's pop and the latest hits! Better start teaching the baby what kinda music that's good, so he doesn't end up liking the kinda music his daddy likes. Panic at the disco, must I say more? ;) Going to wish a friend happy birthday in a few min, that should be fun. Got really angry with my boss today though, turns out they didn't send in some papers and make one phone call like they were suppose to do, so I end up getting no money for ages!!! GRR. Plus they gave me the wrong paycheck last month. What was wrong with it was that it was missing like a weeks pay. Dude, not everyone is richie rich like they are. Power to the working class! XOXO

:: Movie Time! ::

Going to the movies with some friends to watch 'What Happens In Vegas'. Wedding themed movie that should be great fun for my friends who are getting married this summer. Went to the movies the other day as well with my boo and watched Iron Man. It was quite alright actually. Even though it's a guys movie, it was a guys movie that I could actually enjoy. Going to watch the new Indiana Jones movie as well when it opens. Hehe, lots of movie times lately, but hey, who knows when I'll be able to go to the movies the next time after the baby is born right :) Over and out! XOXO

:: Bump Watch 2008: Jamie Lynn Spears ::

The bump watch continues. This time with Jamie Lynn Spears. She doesn't look too happy does she? Must be so annoying with the papz following you around everywhere you go, especially when you're preggers! Picture Source: Just Jared

:: New music from Miley ::

So all the scandals aside, Miley Cyrus just came out with her latest single '7 things' the first single off her upcoming album due July 22. Well I'm not all too impressed with the song, it's too bubblegum pop for me, and simple just very, well avarage. But who knows maybe you'll love it! Lord knows the girl could use a hitsong right about now. :: To check out the song click here ::

:: Girls Night Out: Behind the scenes ::

Ooh, things are about to get spicy. So even New York fashionitas get sore feet. Here is the proof, Kim Cattrall kicked of her ultra expensive designer shoes and went barefeet on the streets of London. Someone had an itsy bitsy too much to drink? Kristin Davis on the other hand enjoyed herself with six half naked men. Source: Daily Mail

:: Girls Night Out ::

Finally the Sex and The City movie premieres! The girls headed for London for their first premiere of the movie we've all been waiting what seems forever for! Sarah Jessica Parker stole everyones attention with this crazy hat thingthat she sported, however the beauty of the night was in my opinion bride to beCynthia Nixon with her sassy dress. I believe we're gonna see a lot more of these sort of pics for a while as the girls tour the globe premiering the movie. Source Daily Mail

:: Great Celebrity Hair ::

Check out these sassy, glam and chic celebrity hairstyles for you to copy! Image source:

:: Look Book ::

I'm adding a new section to the blog, Look Book, a place where you can go to get inspired and find a new look for a party or a date, or any other occasion. You'll be able to find great party hair, makeup and outfits. Combine your own look or copy celebrity looks. Sounds like fun huh? Let's get the party started!

:: The 60's Back! ::

I adore this look! You can do so much with it and just imagain how great it would look with some 60's inspired outfits! Check out for more sassy looks!

:: Hot Summer Makeup ::

This look comes from Urban Decay. Beautiful colors that really make you stand out this summer! Another sassy look by Urban Decay!

:: Carrie's Wardrobe ::

The Sex and the City movie is almost ready to hit the movie theatres around the globe and now Sarah Jessica Parker is revealing that her character Carrie Bradshaw changes her outfit 81 times in the movie! She also tells that the other chicks are changing their wardrobe about 200 times put together. So I guess this means we're gonna get to see loads of the crazy, stylish, out there Satc fashion.

:: Some Online Shopping Finds ::

I love this look! It's romantic but not too girly. Black and white is always a hit. And you can wear it going shopping, on a date or just out and about. And the best thing; Everything is from Go Jane and forever 21 so you can totally afford it! 1. Tiered Tulle Top w/ Bow $19.80 2. Three botton shorts $20.99 3. Spectator peep toe $19.80 4. Molly hoop earrings $3.80

:: Brit Brit Looking Good! ::

Finally we get to see a little bit of the old Britney in this promotion pic of the upcoming 'How I met your mother' ep. I just wish she would look this was all the time; maybe it would make her more happy. Well I don't know, but this photo gives me hope.

:: Game night! ::

I had the best evening with my boyfriend, friends and their boyfriends. We played boardgames and had a million laughs. Boardgames are super fun y'all! :)

:: More Nicole and Harlow ::

More photos from the Bazaar photoshoot, including baby daddy Joel. Enjoy! Image Source:

Nicole <3 Harlow

Nicole and baby daughter Harlow does another photoshoot together, this time for Bazaar magazine. Way to pimp the baby out. Even though she's super cute, can't argue with that! Anyone knows what Nicole is up to lately? I mean, I found myself thinking about what she's actually famous for and I realised she became Nicole with everyone trough Paris Hilton's "reality" show the simple life, and after that she stayed famous due to her drug scandals and now her cute baby girl and for dating Madden. But really, I would like to actually see her do something, you know, real. I've heard she's a good singer, maybe try something like that? On the other hand we all know how that worked out for her pal Paris. Who knows, maybe she should just stay Nicole and do what she does best. Just be Nicole.

:: Wedding Frenzy ::

One of my greatest friends is getting married this summer. And I can't help to have weddings on my brain. Today I by accident got to listening to Johann Pachelbel's Canon. ^^ Man, that's such an amazing song, if I ever get married that's the songs that's gonna be playing as I walk down the aisle. I'll better wear tons of waterproof mascara though since it alwys makes me cry :) Hmm, note to self; buy some waterproof mascara for friends wedding.

:: The yummiest summer drink ::

I just LOVE strawberry daiquiri, but since I'm preggers I'm staying off alcohol. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy my fave drink. I did a bit of surfing around the web, and found this virgin version of the drink. 1 ounce fresh lime juice or Rose's lime 3 ounces frozen strawberries (or fresh) 1-3 teaspoon sugar (or to taste) cracked ice (no need really if you're using loads of frozen strawberries Fill a blender with cracked ice. Add lime juice, strawberries, and sugar. Blend until smooth. You may add a little water if too thick. Pour into a chilled glass. Add a straw and some fun drink decorations and you are good to go! You can use the same recipe for an alcoholic drink. Just add rom or vodka. Enjoy! Recipe by

:: Bump Watch 08 ::

The L.A bumps are getting bigger and bigger. These chicks are almost ready to pop, like myself, even though it feels like forever to go. Tori Spelling Jamie Lynn Spears Jessica Alba Angelina Jolie