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Showing posts from September, 2008

:: Scrapping Ideas ::

I keep coming up with all these great new ideas for scrap projects and other smart and fun little things to create, but I keep forgetting them just as fast. So I thought I would blog this one, so I can always go back and find it later :) And maybe give you all some ideas on something to create. Okay so first, I want to create a book of ideas, where I write down all these ideas ;) I'll cut out great little tricks and tips from magazines, and ideas for scrap pages, and recipes etc. Apple/Cinnamon Cupcakes for my friend, so she won't have to search no more. I feel the pressure for them to turn out great though, so I'll have to think about that one :) Banana/Chocolate Cupcakes, sounds yummy! Well, I think that's it for now :)

:: Go Vintage ::

I've always been inspired by the 50's and 60's fashion. The other day I came across this really cute website, Mod Cloth, with loads of cute clothes. Check it out at

:: You're My Cupcake! ::

Decided to bake some more cupcakes this evening. Apple Cinnamon this time. Turned out I was out of apples. And cinnamon. So instead I baked Strawberry Chocolate. They turned out quite nice :)

:: So True! ::

My baby got a gift from one of our friends yesterday. And well, read yourself. So True! :) Thank you for the cool shirt! :)

:: Thought Of The Day - Birthdays ::

When I was growing up I always hated my birthday came last of all the members of my family. I always had to wait for, what seemed like forever for the big day to finally arrive. Today I realised, now that I've started a family of my own, my birthday is actually first in line! :)

:: I got my baby to sleep!! ::

I know, I know there's really nothing special about it, but still it is. Every night I feel like a winner when I at last manage to get him to sleep. You can tell he's so so tired but he refuses to sleep anyways :) I feel like I won the lottery :)

:: Finally! ::

I've been searching forever and today I finally found them! Easy Mounters by 3L. They've been out of stock since forever at my local scrapping store and they don't sell them at my fave scrap online store. But today they were finally back in stock! Woot! :)

:: After Eight Cupcakes ::

Here's the result of the cupcakes I bakes last night. They turned out quite yummy. Next I'm gonna bake... hmm.. Chocolate/banana?

:: My Wonderful Boyfriend Got Me... ::

..A little scrapping gift the other day! It doesn't get better than that. Really, sc*ew flowers and chocolate! These wonderful flowers and leaves by Prima Marketing. They are simply gorgeous and high quality too! Thank you baby! <3

:: Pagemaps ::

I often feel the lack of ideas when I sit down to do paper scrapping. It's easier for me to feel inspiration when I scrap digitally. Probably because it's that much faster and easier. And if you mess up there is always the undo option to rely on. I came up with the idea to try and do some pagemaps in photoshop, print em out and then do my paper scrapping. So while I was at it I thought I might as well share em with ya'll. Click on the images for a larger view. Then simply click save as. The pagemaps are in the size 8x8 but you can always use them 12x12 scrapping as well since I almost always scrap with smaller photos. I hope you'll find em useful, more to come!

:: Ma Baker ::

Tonight I finally got around to baking the cupcakes I've been planning on making for a while now. I decided to make some after eight cupcakes (my own recipe) I hate my oven though, the heat is way off even though it's brand new. So it took forever for the cupcakes to bake. Really annoying! I made the chocolate cupcakes and the frosting is cream cheese, powdered sugar, and white chocolate. And to top it off, peppermint oil. I'll keep you posted on how they turn out :)

:: Is it Christmas Already? ::

WOW! A huge huge wow. Today I got my order from lifetime moments , and it's the best one so far. I didn't really remember what I had ordered since it takes a while for the order to ship. Well except forthe scrapbook magazine Memory Makers, that was the reason why I ordered in the first place. I'll post more pics of all the fab things later when I get around to take photos of everything.

:: Toys! ::

Yesterday my baby discovered toys. Now he can't get enough of his baby gym :) He keeps banging the little toys like crazy, it looks painful really for his tiny little hands, but he doesn't seem to mind. Anyways we're super proud :)

:: Get Inspired ::

I picked up a copy of Elle today. A really big 600+ pages isssue. Woot! :) Lots of fashion and inspiration for scrapping. I love to look at all the different color combinations etc and get inspiration for various scrap projects. The trends I'm seeing in this issue is a lot of black and white with only a few details in color. Red seems to be extra popular with the b&w. I'm already working on a card copying one of the ads in the magazine. The truth is the fashion magazines are so much more than just the articles. I have a confession; I mainly buy Elle for the ads. I actually framed a few of them a few years ago, they made great contemporary art.

:: It's Cupcake Time! ::

Got so inspired by all the cupcakes I see everywhere that I decided that I wanted to make some myself. I went to the supermarket today and bought some heartshaped sprinkles and some silver as well. Well that was the easy part. Now for the baking part.. I'll keep you update ;)

:: Scraptime ::

Since I got my iPhone I've been browsing the itunes store for podcasts and different apps to pimp my phone with. I came across this one podcast called Scraptime. It's basically short little instruction videos showing you different techniques you can scrap with. And the best thing is you don't need to buy an iphone or ipod, you can simply browse to the Scraptime website and watch the videos there!

:: 15% off at lifetime moments! ::

So what's a girl to do? Obviously I just had to place an order! I mean 15% off, come on :) Too bad my boyfriend is reading my blog though, oh and that he accidentally just sneaked a peek over my shoulder and read that. Oh well now he's free to spend like 30 bucks however he pleases ;) I got really inspired by that cupcake mini book class they were holding over at the LM message board so I decided to buy my own chipboard mini album and try it. That also got me in the baking mood, especially since I found this really cool blog called Dear Martha yesterday with all sorts of wonderful cupcake recipes. I didn't bake anything since I was pregnant though with the exception of an apple pie so I don't know if I'll just focus on the cupcake album instead :) I also got me some Christmas stickers, some great 4 yard ribbons by american crafts, I'm a big fan of their high quality products, and they were all really cheap, $1/4 yards. Minus the 15% of course ;) Can't wait

:: The Dollarstore ::

I love going to the dollarstore. Not just for the bargains but also for all the funny, weird, ugly and awesome things you can find there.

:: My Scrapping Candy ::

Found these awesome little various goodies at the dollarstore today. I'm gonna use the pink rhinestones for a new years layout I'm working on at the moment. It's funny I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to go buy something for that finishing touch. I didn't think I'd find it at the dollarstore though :) I'm gonna be using the letter cubes for baby themed layouts and cards. My sister had a little girl a few weeks ago and I'm gonna start scrapping some layouts with the photos she sent me. So the pink boxes are perfect! All these goodies for as little as $7,44. Pretty okay pricetag.

:: When The Weather Turns Cold ::

When the weather turns cold the leaves turn gold. Found that little saying on my sons Winnie the Pooh jackets and I think it's just lovely :) Went for a little walk today and here are some pics I shot with my iPhone. They're quite good concidering it's only a 2 megapixel camera.

:: My Minds Eye - Just Dreamy 2 Collection ::

I thought I would take some time out to show you some pretty amazing papers from My Mind's Eye's collection Just Dreamy 2. Clean, colorful and high quality. I adore them! For more beautiful papers go to the My Mind's Eye website.