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Baby countdown... 12 days to go!

My little new years baby is still hanging in there, and hopefully will for another week atleast. I really want to spend Christmas at home with my 3 year old. But at the same time I can't wait to meet our new family member. 2012 is sure going to be an exciting year! Sorry that I haven't been able to update with the freebies I had in mind. I'm suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome due to the pregnancy and my hands are numb and really hurt most of the time. Even typing this is really hard. Anyways I can't wait to get started on some more goodies for you all as soon as I'm back to normal again, I have a lot of new material to work with and lots of inspiration at the moment.. So keep checking back Cutiepies ♥

Christmas Jars - Easy & Fun DIY Project

Good Evening! Today it's December 7th and time is just ticking away, only 17 days til Christmas! Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet? Or maybe you are planing on making some yourself this year? In that case here's a fun and easy way to make your own Christmas jars to fill with homemade cookies , candy, maybe even some socks, jewelry, bath salt,  or whatever else you can think of. You can even put the jar in a cellofan bag and tie a beautiful ribbon and maybe add a Christmas tag and you've got yourself a really lovely and cheap gift to give to your loved ones, kindergarten teachers, neighbors etc etc. Pin It All you need is: An empty glass jar Scrapbook paper Glue gun Stickers and deocrations Ribbon It's so easy and so fun! You can decorate your jars in a million different ways! I hope I've inspired you to make your very own Christmas jars! Have fun crafting, talk to you soon Cutiepies!

Over 100 free printable tags!

Those of you who love freebies raise your hand! That's what I thought. I'm one of you! I love how easy you can make your own tags and not use those mass produced ones that can be found at the dollar store etc. Also it's super easy to change the tags up a bit before you print them. I will show you how some examples in an upcoming post. But first you need to go treasure hunting for all the lovely tags that are hidden out there on the world wide web! Don't worry the awesome blog Mel Stampz has already done the job for you! She's put together a list of 100+ free tags and links to where they can be downloaded. How great is that? Run over to Mel Stampz and have a look for youself. It will surely make your day! ♥ Talk to you soon Cutiepies!

Freebie - Printable vintage style Christmas tags

Good Day! Today is December 1th and I thought I would treat you all to a new Christmas freebie . I told you before I'm working on a whole new set of freebies but for now you get a sample to use on your gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas projects, place cards etc etc. Print on cardstock paper , cut out and glue 2 together, or simple use on a write on the backside. You can use some scissors or ink around the edges to give them an aged look. Punch a whole and tread a ribbon or string trough and you have yourself some pretty cool vintage style Christmas tags! Have a wonderful December 1th, and please if you decide to use these help me spread the word on your blog, twitter, facebook, forums etc etc. Thanks a bunch Cutiepies! ♥ ♥ Download Freebie Here ♥ Credits for the gorgeous images goes to Graphics Fairy