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Inspiration, and lovely freebies.

Check out this wonderful web publication, Funkytime Magazine. Learn how to make lots of wondeful DIY projects, be inspired by gorgeous photos and just enjoy the beauty of this free piece of heaven. ♥ Click images to check out the magazine.

My DIY Kitchen

Lately I've been inspired to try and spice up my kitchen with simple measures, with paint, glue and some creative ideas.  I used some lovely paper doilies that I laminated cut out and then glued them to my kitchen window with a gluegun.     A magnetic memo board that I picked up at the Dollarstore.  I knew that it had potential to become something fun for my kitchen..  I used some lovely turquoise paint to cover the red and yellow. And covered the metal with chalkboard paint. The result: A magnetic memo board , that can be used for fun quotes, as a menu or to write my fave recipe Before: A boring old shelf that I had no use for.. Some white paint later..    A perfect place for my new flower pot that I spiced up with some polkadot napkins and mod podge.  ♥XoXo♥

How to make your own party hat!

Everyone loves a cute party hat, especially kids! I made this one for a little girl who turned 5 last week. All about the pink and glitter :) My son has already stated that he wants one as well for his 4th birthday, only he wants his in black, his favorite color! To make your own party hat go to Confetti Sunshine and download the free template!

Freebie - printable Thank you note

These would be great for wedding thank you cards, favors, love notes, etc etc. 1. Click on the image to view full size 2. Right click and save as The lovely frame was found at graphics fairy