My Scrapbook Favorites

We all have our scrapbook top favorites that we can not
live without. Some love papers, some can not live without
lace, some love to work with flowers..

These are some of my favorites, now I challenge you to
tell me yours :)

I can not live without my
Easymounter - by 3L - Easy to use and you don't have to
wait for the glue to dry.

Gluedots - perfect for decorations such as buttons,
flowers, chipboard etc.

Scissors - but that's a given, right? :)

Bling bling - I love rhinestones, it's the perfect way
to make a card or layout feel complete and to add a
bit of extra glamour.

Bling bling found at Scrapmoment

- I love how easy they are to use, especially the
remark stickers by American Crafts, they're amazing!

Journaling cards - They are awesome to use on layouts,
cards, on gifts etc etc. I easpecially love these really cute
ones found at Scrapmoment

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