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Showing posts from September, 2014

Hacked Ikea dresser and DIY marquee lights budget solutions for kids rooms

Do you remember about a year ago when I posted a how to on my hacked Ikea dresser? Well here it is again! I've also added a DIY marquee light made from a piece of mdf and fairy lights that were left over from last Christmas. It's amazing what you can do with stuff you find around the house when you get creative! I love this look with the pink dresser, Fur Neil Omm design poster, the lovely little sonny angels and of course the stunning  Ferm Living harlequin mint wallpaper.

Christmas shopping - sleepy bunny dolls

 Oh yes, Ive already begun my Christmas shopping. With 4 kids you kinda have to! I dont want to be stuck running around like a crazy lady in the shops the day before Christmas. I got these adorable sleepy bunny dolls for my twins , I bet they are  going to be excited as I am, oh wait, no thats impossible ;)

The yellow chair - I can't seem to get enough!

 There's something about me and yellow chairs.. ;) I wish all chairs could be yellow. Here are some from my collection.